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One Small Change

By AzureSkye23

Rating: T (PG-13)

Length: 00:26:33

Chapters: 1 of 1 posted

Ar-Pharazôn is not as easily manipulated as in the original Tale, and Sauron ends up forced to accompany the King when he attacks Valinor. Finrod refuses to flee before his old foe, and Ainur, Eldar, and Mortal will all be involved in the moment that changes everything. Alternate end to the Second Age.

Characters: Ar-Pharazon & Sauron

Fanfiction Author: AzureSkye23

Directed by: Sauron Gorthaur

Narrator: Sauron Gorthaur
Finrod: snowyskies
Sauron: AzureSkye23
Tar-Calion/Ar-Pharazon: Gary MacFadden
Eonwe: Michael Hall
Namo: Conner C (CDawg)
Este: CrackinAndProudOfIt

Read the text version of the fanfic here!

Part 1

Part 2

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