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Email: pseudostudent may be reached by emailing her username at

FanFiction.Net Profile: pseudostudent


Language limitation: I'm fine with a curse word here and there, as long as it makes sense in the context of the character and the story. If you're looking for someone who spews continuous profanities, though, I'm not your gal.

Adult themes: Suggestive themes are fine, but I'm not interested in voicing for anything overtly sexual - something around an R movie rating or M fiction rating is as racy as I'll go.

Vocal range alto, medium to medium-low. Vocal variety ranges from the warm, smooth voice of a mother or teacher to the authoritative, intelligent style of a newsreader to the rough-edged, tough delivery of a soldier (a la Ellen Ripley or Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor). Native accent: General American / Pacific Northwestern US. Other accents available: Standard English (RP), German, Russian, others by request.

Voice Actor Credits

In Progress:

Sister Jane - "Marianne and the Song of Redwall"


Lucy Pevensie - "You Know Pole? Jill Pole?"


Horse - "A Bear for the Princess"
Narrator - "Pebbles"
Princess - "A Bear for the Princess"
Zihau - "Fierce Deity"

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