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What is AFL?

A bit of a "social butterfly" when it comes to fandoms, Razzle enjoys just about any setting with interesting characters, though 3 of her core fandoms are Cats! the Musical, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and ElfQuest. Voice acting is both her career and her hobby, and her other hobbies include writing fanfiction and original stories, singing, drawing, cooking, and just about anything creative.

Razzle, Site Manager


Named after her favorite Dark Lord, but not nearly as evil, Sauron Gorthaur is a fanfic writer, voice and stage actor, artist, real-life Children's Librarian, and a total Ravenclaw. She's unofficially been making up fanfic stories since she was about five-years-old, started posting stories online in 2009, and doesn't plan on stopping. Tolkien's universe is her home fandom, but she also loves Redwall, Norse Mythology, Strange Magic, Dark Lord, Inheritance Cycle, Chronicles of Narnia, the MCU, and Star Trek: TNG.

Sauron Gorthaur, Site Manager

Audio Fanfiction Library is a family-friendly fanfiction podcast site made by fans for fans. We do for fanfiction stories what audio books do for published books, creating audio podcasts of fanfiction stories from any fandom (with express permission from each fanfic author) and bringing the stories to life with full voice casts.

This site is completely for fun; there is no "star system" and voice actors are welcome to try out for any role they want, regardless of acting experience. Likewise, if you are interested in getting involved in directing, producing, or any other aspect of the site, we welcome you on board even if you've never done this type of thing before!

Audio Fanfiction Library was started back in 2010 on an Angelfire website by the two fanfic authors Lysana and Razzle. Along with fellow fanfic writer Sauron Gorthaur and several others, they started out mostly recording short fanfiction one-shots and poems for fun. As more authors, voice actors, and directors got involved, the website expanded over the next several years.

In 2013, Sauron Gorthaur joined as one of the co-managers of the site alongside Razzle. The site continued to grow until over 100 writers, voice actors, directors, and sound editors were involved, and over 100 audio fanfics had been produced. At that point, Razzle and Sauron Gorthaur began to discuss moving the website to a new web designer that would allow us more flexibility and ease of use as the site grows. In 2020, we officially moved to the new Wix site.

Audio Fanfiction Library is still going strong, and we hope to see it continue to grow over the years, to get more actors and directors involved, and to tackle more projects. In the future, we also hope to get more musicians and fan artists involved in making the audio podcasts even more enjoyable for listeners.

Whether you're here to listen to completed podcasts, recommend your favorite fanfic for us to work on, or to join the AFL team as a voice actor, director, or other crew member, welcome on board and we hope you enjoy your stay here at Audio Fanfiction Library!

                                                                                                                                  ~Razzle & Sauron Gorthaur

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