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Demigod Live!

Sound Credits

All sound effects and music for this project come from and are licensed under Creative Commons. Below are the credits and licenses of each sound effect in Demigod Live. The only changes made to sound effects for this project were trimming and amplification.

Sound Effects under the Creative Commons 0 License

Applause 1 - Sandermotions

Continuous Static - Jace

Crickets at Night - Defelozedd94

Intercom Beeps 08 - TRP

Paper Flutter - mickdow

SwordBattle2 - freefire66

Sword Unsheath - lucabia
Thunder, Close - Fission9

wind_gust - joseph.larralde

Wind in Trees - deleted_user_229898

Sound Effects under the Attribution License

Glass Breaking Experiment - P. Jerisek

Light Metal Gate Close - qubodup

Running Loud - dersuperanton

Thumps! - bhanco3

Sound Effects under the Attribution Noncommercial License

Explosion - cydon

Finally...! - Setuniman

Thunder Rumble Light Rain - laft2k

Urban English Thunder Storm July 2014 - kernowrules

Sound Effects under the Sampling Plus 1.0 License

Cheering - stephsinger22

Window Sliding Shut - Nathan_Lomeli

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