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Waking Meadows

Sound Credits

All sound effects and music for this project come from and are licensed under Creative Commons. Below are the credits and licenses of each sound effect in Waking Meadows. The only changes made to sound effects for this project were trimming and amplification.

Sound Effects under the Creative Commons 0 License

Creature, Insect – Dragonfly, Caught in a Net - jaegrover

dishes clearing - bevibeldesign

folkmusic4 - VincentAntusch

shaking, wiggling tree/bush branches - Simonus18

Spring Birds Loop - hargissssound

water in creek burbling - cognito perc

water splashes big hand slaps spray and wave - kyles

Music Credits under the Attribution 3.0 License from Purple Planet Music

​"El Toro" (Sparring Scene)

"Fairy Dust" (Dawn and Marianne Scene)

"Magical Storytime" (Opening Scene)

"Running With the Horses (Closing Scene)

"True Love" (Bog's Proposal)

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