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Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

By rosalea12

Rating: T (PG-13)

Length: 00:03:55

Chapters: 1 of 13 posted

The Doctor gets recognized by a girl he's never met before, nothing new for him since his life doesn't happen in the right order. But she claims she's never met him either. So how does she know who he is? And is she really what she appears? 11/OC, but not as a couple 

Characters: 11th Doctor & OC

Fanfiction Author: rosalea12

Directed by: rosalea12

Narrator (Chapters: ALL): Miss Mary Mac

Leah Jackson (Chapters: ALL): rosalea12

11th Doctor (Chapters: ALL): Michael Hall

Luke Smith (Chapters: 6-12):

General Roxx (Chapters: 2-3):

Stormaggedon/Alfie Owens (Chapters: 3-4):

Sofie Owens (Chapter 4):

Craig Owens (Chapter 4):

Captain Jack Harkness (Chapters: 5, 9-13): Rock Erekson

K-9 (Chapter 6):

River Song (Chapters: 6-7, 10-11)

2nd Leah Jackson (Chapter 7):

Ianto Jones (Chapter 8-9):

Rhiannon Davies (Chapters 8-9):

Mika Davies (Chapter 8):

David Davies (Chapter 8):

Alice Carter (Chapter 9):

Stephen Carter (Chapter 9)

Barmaid (Chapter 10):

Jenny (Chapters: 10-13):

Susan Campbell (Chapter 13):

Read the text version of the fanfic here!

Chapter 1

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