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Fair Olvin and the Giant Pire

By Silvertongue90

Rating: T (PG-13)

Length: 01:14:23

Chapters: 7 of 7 posted

Summary: Olvin was content to let others go on adventures without him, but what will he do when a Centaur tells him he is destined to defeat the two headed giant by himself? My take on the story Cor and Aravis were told at the feast in the Horse and His Boy. 

Characters: Olvin

Fanfiction Author: Silvertongue90

Directed by: Silvertongue90 & Sauron Gorthaur

Sound Editor (Chapters 1-2, 4-7): Sauron Gorthaur

Sound Editor (Chapter 3): Binary Dubs

Music Credits for Chapter 7: Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0 License

"Canon in D for Two Renaissance Harps" - Kevin McLeod at Incompetech

Author's Notes: Blue Mercedes

Narrator (Chapters 1-2): rosalea12

Narrator (Chapters: 3-7): Sauron Gorthaur

Olvin (Chapters 1-6): Shadow Hoof (Ejaninja)

Olvin (Chapter 7): Bryan G. Sosa

Lady Liln (Chapters 1-2, 4, 7): Silvertongue90

Lana (Chapters 1-7): freeflight

King Jar (Chapters 2-4): Jeff Saunders

King Jar (Chapter 7): Richard Fish

Prince Jarin (Chapters 3-4, 7): Darkenmal

Glamstun the Centaur (Chapter 3): Jordan M. Nesmith

Glamstun the Centaur (Chapter 4): Silvertongue90

Giant Pire (Chapter 6): Toxic Proxy

Kegin (Chapter 7): Eldurrino

King Tarvin (Chapter 7): Rafael Del Valle, Jr.

Narnian Minstrel (Chapter 7): Xiusanna

Read the text version of the fanfic here!

Chapter 1:


Chapter 2:

An Unexpected Vistor

Chapter 3:

The Centaur's Prophecy

Chapter 4:

The Gifts

Chapter 5:

The Beginning of a Legend

Chapter 6:

Giant Pire

Chapter 7:

The Feast

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