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By Jay

Rating: T (PG-13)

Length: 00:35:46

Chapters: 1 of 19 posted

Love is selfless. It's patient, faithful and true. But it's also painful when the feelings are not reciprocated. And with a promise of trying involved, hope makes it all the more difficult to bear. Can Yang learn to love Blake romantically, or will their efforts be the end of their friendship?

Characters: Blake B. & Yang L.

Fanfiction Author: Jay

Directed by: Jay

Sound Editor: Cowjump

Cover art: Bakki


"Spiro" by Axl Rosenberg
Epic Music World II
"Dead Letters From Broken Homes" by Nights Amore
"Is She Out There" by Anthony Greninger

Introduction: Cowjump

Narrator: Jay

Blake Belladona: Stella
Yang Xiao Long: Cassandra Martinez
Ruby Rose: Asteroth24
Weiss Schnee: Shiloh K.B.

Jaune Arc: Stephin Woods
Nora Valkyrie: Krystal Kearns
Pyrrha Nikos: Jeanette M. Erbe
Lie Ren: ToadPlayer64

Read the text version of the fanfic here!

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