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Infinite Love

By Razzle

Rating: K (G)

Length: 00:11:09

Chapters: 1 of 1 posted

Though it may be hard for us to imagine, God's love is infinite and He loves all His creations -- even a Labrador mix dog like Riley, waiting in a shelter to be adopted. But will the angel Tess be able to help Riley find a new family to take her home?

Characters: Tess & Riley

Fanfiction Author: Razzle

Directed by: Razzle

Narrator: Lysana
Tess: Razzle
Monica: Sauron Gorthaur
Shelter Worker: Sauron Gorthaur
Riley: Mary Sue Granny
Rob: Jeb Makula
Diane: Quest Sidereal

Read the text version of the fanfic here!

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