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Jobs on AFL


Like movie or theater directors, AFL project directors are responsible for the artistic guidance of the voice actors and sound editors and the overall direction of the project. They get the ultimate say in how the project turns out.

Every project must have at least one director before it can go into current production. In some cases, projects may have more than one director.

Directors are responsible for...

- Creating scripts for the voice actors

- Casting voice actors (either by contacting actors personally or holding auditions)

- Using the audition template to create voice actor auditions, if they want to hold auditions

- Sending scripts to voice actors and making sure actors know their deadlines

- Providing artistic direction to voice actors, including accents, pronunciation of names, emotion, etc.

- Answering questions from the project's cast and crew about the project

- Collecting recorded lines from the voice actors before or on their deadline

- Approving recorded lines or asking the actor to re-record

- Reminding actors of their deadline one week before their lines are due

- If necessary, re-casting roles if a voice actor does not send in their lines

- If the project does not have a sound editor, the director will act as the sound editor


- If you've never directed before, try directing a one-shot with a fairly small cast first.

- Cast the central roles first. Once you have those roles cast, start on the minor roles. This works especially well with longer, multi-chapter projects with many roles.

- We recommend creating an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of voice actor deadlines. Visit the Guides page to see templates you can download and more.

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