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Fanfiction Authors

Without fanfiction authors, there'd be no AFL! These are the folks who provide us with the fanfiction stories to turn into audio projects.

Most AFL fanfiction authors are not writing specifically for Audio Fanfiction Library. The majority of them were already writing and posting their stories on fanfiction websites like and Archive of Our Own before they were approached by someone from AFL about turning their story into an audio fic or before they heard about AFL and requested that we turn their story into an audio fic.

All AFL audio fics are created with this explicit permission of the fanfic author. If the author turns down our request to use their story or if we are unable to get a hold of the author, we will not turn the story into an audio fic.

We do not use stories that are rated M or above to turn into audio fics. For more information, visit the FAQ page.

We prefer working on fanfiction stories that are complete to lessen the chances of working on a story that ends up on hiatus or abandoned.

Anyone can submit a story recommendation, for either a story you have written or that someone else has written. Go here to submit a story recommendation. Please understand that we may not be able to make an audio fic from every single recommendation for a variety of reasons, but we do our best to honor requests.

Once we receive a story recommendation, those stories go onto the Pre-Production page where they await permission from the fanfic author (if the story was not submitted by the author) and approval from the AFL staff. Once approved, the story waits for a director; once a director is chosen, the story goes into Current Production.

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