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Jobs on AFL

Voice Actors

Deadlines for Roles

Narrator Roles (1st or 3rd Person)

2 months from receiving script

Non-Narrator Character Roles

1 month from receiving script

Re-Recording (All Roles)

1 month from receiving instructions

Voice actors provide the voices for all narrator and character voices in AFL projects. We have no star system: anyone can request to play any character. However, directors have the final say on who is cast in any role in a project they are directing.

To request a role in an AFL project:

- Go to the Current Production or Complete Cast pages to see available roles. Roles that say Roles listed as Pending are roles that someone has already requested  but the actor has not been confirmed by the director yet. Roles listed as Unlimited are ensemble roles that may have has many voice actors as the director wants. Roles listed as Available are up for grabs.

- If you see an Available role that interests you, fill out this form (which is also linked to from each Current Project). An AFL staff member will get back to you ASAP.

Once you have been cast in a role:

- Your director is responsible for giving you any artistic direction. Some directors may be more specific in what they want the lines to sound like; others may leave it more up to you.

- Your director will send you the script(s) for your character via email, along with the due date for the lines.

- Record your lines. We recommend using the free, open source software Audacity for recording.

- If you make a mistake while recording, no worries. Simply pause, go back to the beginning of the line or sentence and record it again. The sound editor will edit the mistake out so it sounds like it never happened!

- Save your lines as mp3, mp4, or wav files and send them to your director. They will inform you whether your lines are approved or whether they want you to re-record any lines.

- Make sure to get your lines in before your due date. This shows respect to your director, fellow actors, and other members of AFL. See below for the deadline chart.

- For more specific information, visit the AFL Guides page.

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