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Other miscellaneous jobs at Audio Fanfiction Library

Cover Artist

Not so much into voice acting or directing, but love to create art? Creating cover art to go with the completed audio fic, both on the website and on the video, might be the AFL job for you! You can even create "illustrations" for different scenes of the story as the video plays, providing a more interactive experience for the listeners. 

If you are interested in being an AFL cover artist, please contact us here!



What library would be complete without librarians? Librarians are members of the AFL staff, with more power than a regular AFL team member but less power than the site managers.


Librarians are able to approve story recommendations, act as Staff Overseers for projects, approve new team members without consulting the site managers, and answer questions from new or prospective fanfic authors, directors, voice actors, etc. They are not able to do any website editing, and they still answer ultimately to the site managers

The site managers approach members about becoming librarians. We look for individuals who have been active in AFL projects for at least a year, who have been involved in numerous projects and done a variety of jobs (voice acting, directing, sound editing), who have shown that they are responsible, reliable, and dedicated, and who seem interested in seeing AFL expand and grow. We want to make sure librarians will be with us long-term and won't drop the project after a couple months.


Interested in creating music for our projects? We would love to have you write music to go along with our projects. Background music can add a great deal of listening appeal to an audio fic.

If you are interested in being an AFL musician, please contact us here!

Site Owners

Currently, that's the two of us, Razzle and Sauron Gorthaur, and that's who it will be for the foreseeable future. We own and manage both the Wix site and the AFL YouTube channel, are the admins for our AFL social media accounts, do all the website editing for the site, and make any and all final decisions for Audio Fanfiction Library.

Staff Overseer

Any projects that are not directed by an AFL staff member (site manager or librarian) will receive a staff overseer. Staff overseers do not control any of the artistic direction of the project; instead, they are simply there to help out wherever they are needed. If the director or any of the cast or crew have questions, they can reach out to their staff overseer. The staff overseer can also provide guidance to the director as to how to go about casting the project and such tasks.

When the project (or a chapter of a multi-chapter project) has been completely edited together and approved by the director, the director will send the project to their staff overseer, who will then post it on the website and update the website accordingly.

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