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Jobs on AFL


Techies may work behind the scenes, but they are no less important than directors and voice actors. There are several different types of techies on AFL.

Sound Editors

Sound editors edit the individual voice clips from all the voice actors together to make the completed story. We recommend the free, open source software Audacity for sound editing.

Once sound editors are finished with the editing, they will send it to the project directer to approve. Once approved, the sound editor will send the finished project to their staff overseer (either Sauron Gorthaur or Razzle) who will then post it on the website.

If the project does not have a separate sound editor, the director of the project will do the sound editing for it. It is up to the project director to decide whether they want to find someone else to be the sound editor of the project.

Sound Effects Editors

Sound effects editors do any special effects for the project beyond simply editing the voice actor clips together. This can include music, ambiance background sound, and sound effects.

Some AFL projects are dramatizations (script format with no narrator) which require sound effects as part of the storytelling. (Listen to The Silmarillion Broadcasts for an example of a dramatization.) These projects require a sound effects editor, though this may be the same person as the sound editor or the director. Any project may have a sound effects editor however. (Listen to Marianne and the Song of Redwall for an example of a non-dramatization with sound effects editing.) For non-dramatizations, it is up to the director whether the project will have a sound effects editor.

If the project does not have a separate sound effects editor, the sound editor will do the sound effects editing for dramatizations or non-dramatizations where the director wants sound effects.

All sound effects and music used in AFL projects must either be licensed under Creative Commons or, if copyrighted, be used with explicit permission from the creator. It is the sound effects editor's responsibility to make sure proper attribution is used for all sound effects and music. Go to the Guides page for an attribution template and more info.

Website Editors

Website editors are responsible for keeping the information on the website up-to-date, updating AFL team member profiles and projects, and posting completed projects or chapters.

For the time being, only Site Managers (currently Sauron Gorthaur and Razzle) have the permissions for website editing.

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