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Sauron Gorthaur

Director ~ Fanfiction Author ~ Site Manager/Producer

~ Techie ~ Voice Actor


AO3 Profile: Tough_Girl

FFN Profile: Sauron Gorthaur

YouTube Channel: Sauron Gorthaur


I will not take roles in or direct projects that contain slash, violent or mature language, or Christian-bashing content. I prefer roles that have no swearing or only very mild swearing at the most.

Director Credits

In Progress:

Co-Director - "NightWarriors: The Kidnapping of Felicia"

Director - "All About Names"

Director - "Knights of Noir"

Director - "Marianne and the Song of Redwall"

Director - "Rehab"

Director - "Waking Meadows"


Director - "The Stars to Hold Our Destiny"


Co-Director - "Demigod Live!"

Director - "NightWarriors: A New Threat"


Director* - "Oh, For a Single Laugh"


Director - "Golden"

Director - "Lokabrenna"


Director - "Ache of My Teeth"

Director - "Admirable"

Director - "The New Year"

Director - "Of Mothers, Marshwiggles, and Burnt Cookies"

Director - "Of Pests and Summer Evenings"

Director - "The Princess and the Prisoner"

Director - "Red Like Pain"

Director - "The shadow and the gold"

Director - "The Silmarillion Broadcasts"

Director - "Stubble"


Director - "Akallabeth"

Director - "Kurda's Slave"

Director - "One Small Change"

Director - "Pebbles"

Director - "Pranked Arrows"

Director - "The Price of Being a Dark Lord"

Director - "Solitude"

Director - "Stranded"


Director - "A Riddle for Beowulf"

Director - "Alqualonde"

Director - "Beast"

Director - "Courtship"

Director - "Dustfinger, My Love"

Director - "Fire to Ashes"

Director - "The Fountain"

Director - "The Liar"

Director - "The Scar on My Back Tells All"

Director - "September 22nd"

Director - "So Spoke Sauron"

Director - "Unto the Cursed Stars"


Director - "Already Burning Within"

Director - "Light"


Director* - "Battle for Pelennor"

Director - "I Remember When"

Director - "Mortal Men Doomed to Die"

Director - "The Nine are Abroad"

Director - "No Living Man"

Director - "Stranger"


Director - "Atalante"

Director - "The One Dark Lord"

Director - "Ring Master"

Director* - "Shade"

Sauron Gorthaur did the sound editing for all projects she directed. Projects that she did not do the sound editing for are marked with an asterisk.

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